TempoPerfect 1.04

Fully functional mobile metronome


  • Visual beat indicator
  • Apply accented beats and subdivisions
  • Program tutorial
  • Beat Tempo chart


  • Lacks sample sound files or virtual instruments

Very good
Practicing or producing music can be a difficult task if you don't have something to keep the beat, but now you can use your Windows Mobile device, thanks to TempoPerfect.

TempoPerfect is designed to help you stay in time by providing a clear and precise beat that can be easily adjusted to give you the correct beats per minute (bpm). You can set the bpm (from 40-280) using the arrow keys, or by entering the number yourself, and it is then shown in the digital display. When the beat is played, a flashing bar at the bottom of the interface lets you know its progress.

Unlike many basic metronomes, TempoPerfect also lets you set accented beasts and allows you to apply up to 8 subdivisions per beat. I also liked the inclusion Beat Tempo chart in TempoPerfect, as it means you can quickly check the technical definition for the time signature you're composing in (e.g. Allegro, Adagio, Largo, etc.)

TempoPerfect is one of the most comprehensive digital metronomes I've seen and it certainly beats the pants off using a mechanical device, which has the tendency to wind down. Perhaps the inclusion of a few virtual instruments or sample sound files would've made this a more complete piece of software though.

But if you're a practicing musician who needs something to keep time, TempoPerfect lets you do so with ease on your Pocket PC.



TempoPerfect 1.04

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